More new designs on my RedBubble store

I’ve recently added two new images to my RedBubble store, and they are both available as t-shirts and hoodies, children’s cloths, stickers and cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Strawberry blonde is a character I created several years ago for a mobile phone game by bitBull. She was based on my Manga Fairy, which was I piece of spec work for a book illustration commission (I didn’t get the job).

Strawberry Blonde

T-shirt sample.

Manga Fairy

T-shirt sample.

Moving the furniture

I’ve been doing a little bit of housekeeping on my site, and have now placed the links to my RedBubble store front and centre on the home page, along with samples of the artwork I currently have for sale.

I’ve also added my FutureQuake Cover to the Comics section of my portfolio. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to it. I’ll try and put up the pages from the Regrets, Rules and Jellied Eels strip soon, too.

Another mention on Why Evolution is True

I’m once again thrilled to be mentioned on Jerry Coyne’s website, Why Evolution is True. Jerry has been kind enough to put up a picture of my latest Science Kitteh design, along with a very flattering title, and a link to my RedBubble store. I did cheat a bit and use the title of (what I believe is) Jerry’s first published paper in the image, which may have influenced his decision somewhat.

Science Kitteh is reviewing a fascinating paper

The newest in my on-going series of science and skepticism kitteh designs for t-shirts, hoodies, stickers and iPhone cases is available now on my RedBubble store.

Science Kitteh

Science Kitteh.

If you own a cat, you’ll probably be aware of their habit of sitting on any pieces of paper that you place on the floor, so to juxtapose this with the idea of reviewing published scientific papers seemed an obvious gag. I was given permission by Jerry Coyne to use the title of his 1992 paper “Genetics and speciation” as Science Kitteh’s chosen reading material. I thought this would be a nice insider reference, as Jerry has been kind enough to publicise these designs on his site.

Skeptical Kitteh gets celebrity endorsement!

I’m thrilled that Skeptical Kitteh and Science Kitteh have been mentioned on Why Evolution Is True, the website of well known evolutionary biologist Jerry A Coyne. In addition to his academic standing, Professor Coyne is a well known figure in the atheist and skeptic movement, as well as a prolific author and unabashed ailurophile; as a long-time reader of his site, this is pretty much celebrity endorsement as far as I’m concerned.

Disclaimer: I contacted Professor Coyne to bring Skeptical Kitteh to his attention, but I’m still thrilled that he has taken the time to mention me on his very popular website (not blog).

New! Skeptical Kitteh clothing and phone cases

Are you skeptical? Do you demand evidence? Do you like kittehs? Then this may be the perfect present for you. Skeptical Kitteh is available now on my RedBubble Shop page as clothing or on cases for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Skeptical Kitteh is available in two designs, one for light clothing, and a modified version for dark clothing. Here’s a (watermarked) sample of the dark variation:

Skeptical Kitteh

Character sketch.

Finally, something new…

I’ve had to move my computer into a new room now that my daughter needs my old space, and I’ve not really had the time to do any drawing since her birth 5 months ago. My new location means that I don’t have space for a drawing board or a scanner either, so I’ve been forced into an all-digital workflow for the first time at home.

Tonight though, I found a few hours to sit down and start sketching a character for a book idea that I’m tentatively working on with a friend. I’m finding sketching using just my Intuos tablet quite challenging at the moment. It’s not as direct or natural as using pencil and paper, or the Cintiq I use at work. I’m getting the hang of it, but I find I’m much slower using the tablet, and can’t hack away with the stylus as I do with a pencil. But hopefully, if I persevere with it, hopefully the fluidity will return.

Here’s my first sketch. Hopefully I’ll get to add some colour soon.

Character Sketch

Character sketch.

Review of FutureQuake #17

Following the birth of my beautiful daughter at the end of March, I rather forgot to pay attention to any coverage of the launch of FutureQuake #17, so I had completely overlooked this rather nice review by Chris Denton. In it, he has some very nice things to say about my artwork (which is always good):

It’s a great cover by Richard Smith and leads straight into the first strip, Regrets, Rules and Jellied Eeels, scripted by Neil Merrett. The art is crisp and clear, Smith’s background in computer games is evident and that’s no bad thing at all. I really enjoyed the story too, the twist is pretty funny.

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Being sociable

I’ve recently added a Drawing Business Facebook page. There is currently just a small selection of artwork on the there, but if it proves popular enough, then I intend to make it the first choice for posting new images and content.

Please take a look, and if you have a Facebook account, consider “liking” the page.

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