Firebird becomes Firefoxhellip

The Mozilla Project have just released a new version of their lightweight browser, Firebird. They have also changed its name to Firefox. Firefox is still only a beta version, but it is showing all the signs of being a top class product. It uses the superb Gecko rendering engine found in the flagship Mozilla browser, and is lightning fast at drawing complex pages. Any browser share that can be clawed back from the nightmare that is Internet Explorer can only be good.

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iChat 21 talks to Windozehellip

Apple have just released iChat AV 2.1 beta, which allows audio/video conferencing with Windows users running AIM 5.5. iChat AV is an excellent little app, and since getting my iSight camera, I have been talking to other Mac users all over the world. So I am looking forward to being able to chat with friends and family that have yet to see the light, and insist on using Windoze. I just hope the installation and set-up for AIM users is as easy as it if with iChat.

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