Open discussions removed

For the few folks who frequent my forums, you may have noticed that the Open Discussions sections have been removed. Now all the forums require registration to be able to post comments.

This move has been forced on me by the continuous abuse of the forums by spammers, who post link laden comments in an attempt to leech off this site’s good search engine rankings. A few weeks ago I was forced to change the settings so that I now have to approve all new member registrations, in an effort to restrict the number of junk accounts being created. However, I left the Comments and Feedback and the Bug Reports forums open to guest comments, as I didn’t want to make it difficult for anyone to make casual feedback.

Unfortunately, the number of spam comments has continued to far outweigh the legitimate entries, so I have decided to remove the open forums completely. Even though the forums are not very active, I really hate having to make changes because of the actions of spammers and so called Search Engine Optimisers. These people are bottom feeding scumbags, who pollute the web with rubbish while leeching off the hard work of other people; much easier for them to try and take advantage of another site’s search engine rankings than to put the work in creating a site that will be indexed well itself.

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