London atrocities

The news of the bombs in London has shocked and horrified our country, and the rest of the world has been quick to offer sympathy and support. Members of the Spanish public, having suffered recently in the Madrid bombing, have e-mailed the BBC news services offering their thoughts and condolences.

This attack has come as a real shock, especially as I have friends and colleagues in who live and work in Central London. Thankfully, no-one I know has been directly affected, but my heart goes out to the casualties, and to family and friends of those killed. My wife and I spent 3 days in London at the end of June (just two short weeks ago). We stayed in a hotel a few hundred yards from Kings Cross station, where even now emergency services are trying to free people trapped underground by one of the bomb blasts. We went through that tube station several times over those three days; seeming a familiar place crawling with emergency services personnel and injured people seems somehow to make the incident much more personal. My thoughts are with the people of London, and with the emergency services who, as always, put their own lives on the line to rescue and treat the casualties.

There are a lot of live London based blog that have taken up the story, providing news and comment from people “on the ground”. Take a look at Europhobia and Tim Worstall’s blog for eye witness reports and commentary.

Update: I received (via IM) a random message of support from someone in France, offering sympathy and condolences. Even though the atrocities don’t directly affect me, I am moved by the sentiment.

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