New look, new front page

If you are a returning visitor to my site, you may notice the brand new look. I am now using a WordPress blog installation for this front page, which will make it much easier for me to add news about new projects and images, and enable regular visitors to leave comments and feedback.

This is the first stage of my planned updates to the site, which I am hoping to complete over the summer. Since Russ and I first launched the original Team Artonomy site back in about 1997, I have always written all the Perl CGI scripts that drive the image browser, feedback page and other dynamic content, but it has become too time consuming to update and expand these scripts as my illustration workload increases.

So, I have decided to try and turn the entire site over to PHP, using my own scripting in some areas, but relying on “pre-cooked” applications like WordPress and Coppermine Gallery for major sections. Using these excellent Open Source applications also means that I can take advantage of security and feature improvements as the projects develop and improve.

I’ve also updated the look of the site, with simplified navigation and more white space, inspired by the default WordPress template that I used as a starting point. The style is a little bit bland at the moment, but I’m hoping to add some extra eye candy when my workload calms down (hopefully in the next few weeks).

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