I’ve had my hand up WordPress’s skirt

On my old news page, I used a script I wrote myself to create the posts. Each post was stored in an XML file, generated by a CGI script, which I then uploaded to my server. These individual files were used to build the news page. It was quite a nice system, easy to use and maintain, but not very flexible.

When I decided to switch to using WordPress for the front page, I wanted to incorporate all my old news items into the new blog. I did this by writing a Perl script that compiled all the individual news items into one file, then output them as a CSV file that I could import directly into the WordPress MySQL database using CocoaMySQL. Creating the CSV file wasn’t without incident; it took me a couple of hours to sort out the formatting, and to track down a problem with the line endings that munged big chunks of the data whenever I tried to import it.

Hopefully, now that I’ve worked out how to transfer simple data like this, it should make it easier to transfer all the information from my current portfolio system to a new Coppermine gallery, once I work out how the Coppermine database is constructed. Hopefully it will be easier than adding over 200 images to the new database by hand!

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