A nice article about iTMS DRM

Wincent Colaiuta has written a nice little article attacking the people trying to circumvent the FairPlay DRM that Apple uses for music downloaded from the iTunes Music Store.

I can’t download songs from iTMS yet, as it is only available in the US, but as far as I can tell the “usage restrictions” imposed by Apple seem extremely liberal, and surely only the most anti-establishment information terrorist can have any objection?

The newly modified DRM allows unlimited burning to CD/DVD of any tracks you download (provided you modify the playlist), and you can have the track on 5 authorised computers at the same time. Hardly seems Draconian to me, and if the record labels will only sanction digital downloads with DRM, I would rather it be Apple’s.

iTunes is a fantastic application that is always on if I’m in the office, and I can’t wait for iTMS to make its way to Europe.

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