Unix rocks

Okay, I admit it, I am a geek. It has never really been in doubt, but now it is official. I have crossed the boundary for good, possibly never to return.

The final step in my journey to geekdom came yesterday, when I wrote my first Unix shell script. Now the process of updating my site is almost entirely automatic. Once I have finished adding new images, news items etc, I open up the Terminal application, type “update”, and make a cup of tea while all the recently modified files get uploaded using the Unix shell. It’s bloody brilliant!

Apparently though, I have once more small step to take before I become an übergeek. Because at the moment, I type “update” to run my shell script. I have it on good authority that an übergeek would never use an alias that is more than 2 characters long.

So perhaps there is hope for me after all. But I doubt it.

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