What is going on in Australia

I am an unashamed fan of Aussie soap Neighbours, but I have to wonder what is going on at the moment with all the doom and gloom?

At the moment, we have Lou about to buy the farm in the Bush after losing his wife and all his money, Karl and Susuan Kennedy have split, seemingly for good this time, Evil Gus is causing problems for Max and Steph, Sky is distraught after confronting the man who killed her mother when she was a child, and Toadie seems about to come a cropper at the hands of cod Mafia boss Rocco now that he has faced up to his feelings for Sindi.

When will it all end? This is not why I watch Neighbours! I want, sun, sea, eternal optimism and impossibly perfect Australian girlies. Bring back the pool parties with Nina and Lori! Get Steph back in her leather bike gear! Get Sindi and Izzie down to the beach for a bit of bikini clad surfing! Restore my faith in the Australian Dream!

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