What do you think of the new place?

If this isn’t your first visit to my site, you may have noticed that things have changed pretty radically. Last night (4 September 2012) I finally launched my brand new site, after working away for a couple of months in my spare time. With the exception of the content of this blog, everything is new; I haven’t carried any content over from my old site.

My primary goal when I set out the design for this update was to make it as simple as possible, and focus the design on the presentation of my best artwork. Everything else has been removed; I’ve cut the page count down from thirteen to just a single page (again with the exception of this blog). Not only does this make it much easier to maintain and update the content, it also focusses visitor attention exactly where I want it: on my artwork.

Although it’s been a lot of work, and there has been a not inconsiderable amount of swearing, developing this new site has been a very rewarding process. I’ve learned a great deal about modern web design techniques, and I’ve tried to roll as much of the new web technologies as I can into the design. This is partly to future-proof the site and keep it viable for as long as possible, but also because I’m a big nerd who enjoys tinkering with this kind of thing.

I’ve tried to make sure that the site works well on the newest generation of mobile and touch devices; it’s retina-ready, so those of you with one of Apple’s super hi-res devices should be treated to my artwork in glorious detail. I’ve used a good deal of AJAX (made a good deal easier by using the excellent JQuery Javascript Library to make sure that there are no unnecessary page loads; my artwork loads “on demand”, so none of the large images get loaded until you click one of the big banners and open up a slideshow; I’ve adopted web font technology, so if you have a browser that supports it, you should see nice, well designed fonts everywhere. I’ve also switched to HTML5, and tried to adopt as many design best practices as I can.

So, was it worth all the effort? Please let me know what you think. You can leave a comment, or tweet me your feedback.

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