Finally, something new…

I’ve had to move my computer into a new room now that my daughter needs my old space, and I’ve not really had the time to do any drawing since her birth 5 months ago. My new location means that I don’t have space for a drawing board or a scanner either, so I’ve been forced into an all-digital workflow for the first time at home.

Tonight though, I found a few hours to sit down and start sketching a character for a book idea that I’m tentatively working on with a friend. I’m finding sketching using just my Intuos tablet quite challenging at the moment. It’s not as direct or natural as using pencil and paper, or the Cintiq I use at work. I’m getting the hang of it, but I find I’m much slower using the tablet, and can’t hack away with the stylus as I do with a pencil. But hopefully, if I persevere with it, hopefully the fluidity will return.

Here’s my first sketch. Hopefully I’ll get to add some colour soon.

Character Sketch

Character sketch.

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