Reaping the reward of prior effort

Page four of my FutureQuake is now done, and I’ve finally remembered why I spent so much time modelling the heroine’s space ship using Google SketchUp. The ship features quite heavily in this page, and with such a complex design, constructing the last two panels in particular would have been very time consuming. With the model made, all I had to do was position the camera, print out the ship at the right size, then draw the heroine and her surroundings over the top. Once the sketch was scanned, it was very easy to drop the renders of the ship onto the sketch and mask out the unwanted sections. I think the end result is well worth the effort I invested in making the model (of course the experience I gained using SketchUp wouldn’t have been a waste – learning is good – but it’s nice to finally put the model to good use).

Page 4

Jellied Eels Page 4

I used a render taken from inside the ship to create the interior shot too; it was useful to get the perspective and overall shape set up before filling in the interior by hand. I wish I’d had time to model the interior too, but as it’s only seen properly in one panel, it would only have been useful as an intellectual exercise, and the finished panel will be dark and smoke filled enough to hide any wonkiness in my perspective.

This will probably be the last panel I post, as I don’t want to give away the end of the story until it has been seen in print (something I’m excessively excited about).

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