Problems with image blocking

A number of visitors to this site have reported that none of the images display correctly; for example, all the thumbnail images are show as broken links.

In every case that I have been able to investigate, the problem has been caused by 3rd party Windows security software like ZoneAlarm and Norton Internet Security. For some reason, these applications seem to consider the use of images within form submit buttons are a security risk and prevent them from loading.

I can see no good reason for this, as there is no content on this site that could be considered harmful. The HTML used on this site is perfectly valid, and conforms to W3C standards and (where possible) accessibility guidelines. But I don’t want visitors to be prevented from using viewing the images, so I have tried to get round this problem by using Javascript to control the image display.

As a consequence, when you first visit the image browser, you may see the page reload as it switches from the default HTML form control to Javascript control. My apologies for this, but it should only happen the first time you visit the page. After that, a cookie is used to temporarily store the correct setting. If you reject this cookie, you may see the reloading behaviour more often.

If you do have problems with images being blocked, make sure that you have Javascript enabled, and reload the image browser page. If this doesn’t work, then you can either add my site to your “trusted zone”, or consider temporarily disabling your overzealous security software.

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