Getting to grips with some comic book art

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be commissioned to illustrate a story for the next issue of Futurequake. I’ve been given a great script, written by Neil Merrett, and I’ve recently set about designing the main character, Psion. In his script, Neil describes her as follows:

A heavily armed woman with long auburn hair is seen standing with her back to the reader. She should be covered in weapons that include grenades, tools and guns. Most visible though is a serrated sword positioned in a sheath or holster on her back with a [REDACTED] as a handle.

Here is my first completed sketch:

Psion, Fully armed

Although I’m quite happy with the image (I have no idea yet if it fits Neil’s idea of the character), what I’ve realised creating this image is that I’ll have to tone down the complexity of the design considerably if I want to be able to reproduce it in several comic book panels. It’s not that I can’t draw something this complex over and over, it’s just that I simply don’t have time to keep reproducing it.

As I expected, moving back into comic book illustration is a bit of a gear change from videogame concept art, and it’s going to take me a little while to adjust to the demands of a different genre. It’s fun though. So far I’m really enjoying myself.

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