Switchable style sheets

I have recently implemented switchable style sheets on this site. This allows you to choose the the appearance of the site from the alternatives I have made available (there are three different style available at time of writing). Take a look at the styles block on the right hand side of the page, and select the look you find easiest on the eye.

Your browser should redraw the page with the new style as soon as you click one of the links. If some of the content looks a bit jumbled, try reloading the page. Please note that I have only tested these styles using browsers available on Mac OS X (primarily Firefox, Camino, Mozilla, Safari, Omniweb and Internet Explorer), so you may encounter unexpected results if you are using Internet Explorer on Windows.

The method used for switching the style sheets is a (very) slightly modified version of the technique described by Paul Sowden on in his Alternative Style article on A List Apart.

The grey style is based (loosely) on the look of John Gruber’s Daring Fireball web-site. Despite my best efforts, I can’t get this layout to work properly in Opera 5 for Mac, so my apologises if you are using that particular browser.

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