Staggering home

A big thank you to Ben, Damian, Dave, Kristian and Russell for joining me on my Stag Night on Saturday. It was a low key affair (not even close to matching the debauchery of Elaine’s Hen Night), but I had a great evening. Good company, a few beers (actually quite a lot of beer by my standards [1]), and a good curry at the end of the night. What more can a man ask for? Cheers, lads. Top evening all round. It was also a great relief to wake up on Sunday to find that not only did I have a very mild hangover (it barely qualified for hangover status [1] at all), but also that I wasn’t naked and chained to a lamppost in the city centre.

Thanks to Ian as well for making up for his absence by supplying me with a 9 pint barrel of Stella. You are forgiven.

[1] I am a complete wuss when it comes to alcohol. Usually, even a couple of pints will reduce me to a groaning wreck sweating next to the toilet for most of the following day.

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